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Hitorie – Roomsick Girls Escape /non-fiction four e.p. ルームシック・ガールズエスケープ/non-fiction four e.p. (Download)

File Size: 93MB / ZIP / (MP3/320K)

 Release (2015.11.04) / Catalog Number AICL-2995

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Remastered reissue includes HITORIE’s album “Roomsick Girls Escape” and EP “non-fiction four e.p.,” which had been out of print until this time. Also features new art work.



1. SisterJudy(2015 Remastering)
2. モンタージュガール(2015 Remastering)
3. アレとコレと、女の子(2015 Remastering)
4. るらるら(2015 Remastering)
5. サブリミナル・ワンステップ(2015 Remastering)
6. カラノワレモノ(2015 Remastering)
7. 泡色の街(2015 Remastering)
8. らんらんと泣いて(2015 Remastering)
9. Inaikara(2015 Remastering)
10. ハネルマワル(2015 Remastering)
11. カラノワレモノ[ReREC]


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