1. Plasma
2. Time Warp (v1.1)
3. ポリゴンウェイヴ (Original Mix)
4. 再生
5. Spinning World
6. マワルカガミ
7. Flow
8. ∞ループ
9. Drive’n The Rain
10. ハテナビト
11. アンドロイド&
12. さよならプラスティックワールド

Perfume – Plasma

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Perfume to release the first original album in almost 4 years since the release of “Future Pop” in 2018! This electro-pop album is suitable for a drive or a change of pace. Included are “Saisei” (theme song for the movie “Shikabaneso no Satsujin”), “Time Warp”, “Polygon Wave”, “Flow”, and the latest song “Sayonara Plastic World”, as well as a total of 12 other songs that give you a taste of the Perfume of today.