01 好きだ虫
02 挑発の青空/Team N
03 なぜ、僕は立ち上がるのか?/Team M
04 スワンボート/Team BⅡ
05 Time bomb/アンダーガールズ


NMB48 – Sukida Mushi 好きだ虫

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For the first time in NMB48 history, the 27th single is performed by members selected by fan vote at the event “NAMBATTLE2 – Gamushara na NMB Chauyaro!”. The 14 selected members sing the title song of the 27th single and the 10 under girls sing the coupling songs. In addition, the song won by “Team N” as the prize in the fierce team competition in “NAMBATTLE2 – Mai – (Team Battle)”