M1. Overture
M2. 初心LOVE(うぶらぶ)
M3. Dreamin’ Dreamin’
M4. サチアレ
M5. 月火水木君曜日
M6. 妄想っちゅーDiscooooooo!!
M7. Brand New Heroine
M8. ちゅきちゅきハリケーン
M9. Welcome to アイラブユー
M10. The Answer
M11. Emerald
M12. ダイヤモンドスマイル

M1. なにわ Lucky Boy!!
M2. アオハル -With U With Me-
M3. 僕空~足跡のない未来~
M4. 2 Faced
M5. Seven Stars
M6. Shall we… ?
M7. Soda Pop Love
M8. Time View~果てなく続く道~
M9. 夜這星
M10. 夢わたし

Naniwa Danshi – 1st Love なにわ男子

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M-Naniwa Danshi to release the first album including their debut single “Ubu Love,” “The Answer,” and “Sachiare,” and the lead song on the album, which is a newly recorded version of “Diamond Smile,” one of the group’s best-known songs from the Kansai Johnny’s Jr. days