Mamoru Miyano 宮野真守 Discography

+ Mamoru Miyano
+Miyano Mamoru (宮野真守) is a Japanese pop singer and seiyuu. In 2008, he won “Best Leading Actor Award” at the 2nd Annual Seiyuu Awards for his role as Setsuna F Seiei in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and as Hakugen Rikuson in Koutetsu Sangokushi. In December 2008, just before the release of his third single, Miyano announced his marriage..

+Genres : J-Rock, JPOP, Anime, 

+Format  FLAC: 44.1/16bits / Size 8.58 GB

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[2009.03.11] BREAK
[2010.08.04] WONDER
[2012.04.18] FANTASISTA
[2013.09.18] PASSAGE
[2015.09.16] FRONTIER
[2017.08.02] THE LOVE

Best Albums
[2018.06.08] MAMORU MIYANO presents M&M THE BEST

Remix Albums
[2020.01.29] MAMORU MIYANO presents M&M REMIX (Digital)
[2020.01.29] MAMORU MIYANO presents M&M REMIX 2 (Digital)

[2007.05.23] Kuon (久遠; Eternity)
[2008.06.04] Discovery
[2008.12.03] …Kimi e (…君へ; To You)
[2009.07.29] J☆S
[2009.10.21] REFRAIN
[2010.12.08] Hikari, Hikaru (ヒカリ、ヒカル; Light, Shine)
[2011.07.13] Orpheus (オルフェ)
[2011.11.16] DREAM FIGHTER
[2012.11.14] ULTRA FLY
[2013.04.10] Canon (カノン)
[2014.02.19] NEW ORDER
[2014.11.12] BREAK IT!
[2015.04.15] Shine (シャイン)
[2016.01.27] HOW CLOSE YOU ARE
[2016.05.11] SHOUT!
[2016.10.12] Tempest (テンペスト)
[2016.10.12] The Birth
[2019.05.29] Encore (アンコール)
[2020.01.22] LAST DANCE
[2020.04.22] Hikari Sasu Hou e (光射す方へ; To Those Who Shine)
[2020.12.09] ZERO to INFINITY
[2021.05.26] Toumei (透明; Transparent)
[2021.07.07] Dream on
[2022.08.01] EVERLASTING / Journey

Mamoru Miyano 宮野真守 Discography FLAC