[Download] Gatchaman Crowds [OST]

OP & ED Single – Original Soundtrack – Bonus CD

Gatchaman Crowds insight


  Opening Theme:
“Insight” by WHITE ASH [2015.08.05]

Ending Theme:
“60 Oku no Tsubasa” by ANGRY FROG REBIRTH [2015.08.05]



Gatchaman Crowds

Opening Theme

“Crowds” by WHITE ASH

[Download] Gatchaman Crowds OP Single – Crowds

TV アニメ『科学忍者隊ガッチャマン』OP;科学忍者队CROWDS

Single release from White Ash is used as opening theme for anime “Gatchaman Crowds” 





2.Wake It, Make It

3.Queen Of Boogie-Woogie

4.Good Day For Bye


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Gatchaman Crowds Original Soundtrack

[Download] [DL] Gatchaman Crowds Original Soundtrack & Ending Theme

TVアニメ『ガッチャマン クラウズ』オリジナル・サウンドトラック/岩崎琢

Composed by Taku Iwasaki, Yutaka Shinya, WHITE ASH

[MP3/320kbs] [File Size 175MB]



1. Gotchaman~In the name of Love
2. The core of Soul
3. Milestone
4. Firebird
5. Tutu
6. Pandaman
7. Music goes on
8. Phenex
9. Un beau léopard violet (麗しき紫の豹)
10. Gatchadance
11. Galax
12. The bird can’t fly
13. Are you Gatchaman?
14. Destruction by rumor
15. Why I kissed him?
16. Fat guitar
17. Ziel der Hydra (ヒュドラの標的)
18. Sacrifice
19. Crowds
20. Unbeatable Network
21. Love
22. INNOCENT NOTE  (Ending)
23. Crowds (TV size)
24. INNOCENT NOTE (TV size) 



「ガッチャマン クラウズ」オリジナル・サウンドトラック-GALAX- [Download]

[MP3/320K/BK] Release [2014.01.22]

Music by  Taku Iwasaki

Original Soundtrack 2 including music not included on the first soundtrack, unreleased music, and remixes.


01. M06
02. M07
03. M08
04. M11
05. M13
06. M16
07. M17
08. M21
09. M22
10. M25A
11. M27
12. Gotchaman~In the name of Love (Modern-Retro Remix) / Remixed by うたたP
13. Gotchaman~In the name of Love (Modal Crowds Remix) / Remixed by toku(GARNiDELiA)
14. Gotchaman~In the name of Love (ELECTROCUTICA Remix) / Remixed by Treow