1 – Cold Garden (performed by Kuon Kamizuki – CV: Yuya Hirose)
2 – Steamy Night (performed by RYO-YA – CV: Yoshiki Nakajima)
3 – Fallen (performed by INORIN – CV: Kouhei Amasaki)
4 – 「男本☆シャンパンコール ~楽園の秘めゴト篇~」(DRAMA TRACK)

Fabulous Night Host-Song PRIDE -Another Eden- HIMMEL ファビュラスナイト Host-Song PRIDE -Another Eden- ヒメル

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Fabulous Night,” a music-based host content in which 15 hosts from 5 clubs compete for the number one position, has finally produced solo songs for each of the 15 hosts on the “PRIDE” CD series, the first release of 2023. As the name “PRIDE” suggests, each of the fifteen will be able to express their own determination. 
Vocals Waka, Fuuri, Yuna, Remi, Eri, Risuko, Ruka, Rie, Miki